Mutual investing – an agency attracting investments for perspective projects and co-investing.

  • We perform project hunting.
  • We evaluate the market potential of different projects, and assess the uniqueness, viability and profitability of such project, as well as the professional quality of the team.
  • Co-investing. Your investment abilities can be supported by other investors and Nova Investment Solutions as a co-investor.

Finance advisory

  • Assessment of financial liquidity and evaluation of alternatives for financial improvements
  • Review and improvement of Company’s long-term business plan
  • Assist in the development of financial data and presentations to the Company’s Board of Directors, various creditors, any official committees formed in the Company’, other official committees formed in these cases and other third parties
  • Analyse various restructuring scenarios and the potential impact of these scenarios on the value of the Company and the recoveries of those stakeholders impacted by the restructuring
  • Provide strategic advice with regard to restructuring or refinancing the Company’s obligations
  • Evaluation of Client’s debt capacity and alternative capital structures
  • Legal support

Analytical research

  • Macroanalytiс economy reports
  • Equity and fixed income branch reports
  • Estimates and valuations